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FSP220-60LE - 220W / 250W Flex ATX 1U power supply

FSP220-60LE - 220W / 250W Flex ATX 1U power supply


£61.20 IncVAT

  • 220W / 250W Flex ATX 1U
  • 80Plus certified
  • Low Noise Fan
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 100% Burn in test
  • Industrial Grade

FSP220-60LE is an industrial grade Flex ATX 1U power supply manufactured by FSP / Fortron. FSP220-60LE provides a maximum continious power output of 250W at 25°C derating down to 220W at 50°C. Each FSP220-60LE power supply includes a mounting bracket and has a full compliment of connectors as detailed below. FSP220-60LE's input is active power factor corrected with a full range input making it suitable for worldwide deployment.



Model: FSP220-60LE
Wattage: 220W / 2500W @ 50°C / 25°C respectively
DImensions: 150mm (L) × 81.5 mm (W) × 40.5mm (H)
Efficiency: 80% - 80 Plus certified
Input Specs:

Voltage: 90 to 264Vac (115/230Vac)

Frequency: 47-63Hz

Current: 4A / 4A

Output Specs:

3.3V @ 14A

5V @ 16A

12V1 @ 16A

12V2 @ 10A

-12V @ 0.8A

5Vsb @ 2.5A


Over voltage protection

Overload protection


1 x 20+4 pin ATX

1 x 4pin ATX12V (P4)

2 x 15pin SATA

3 x 4pin Molex

1 x 4pin FDD


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