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20 Aug '16


Posted by Overtek Ltd in FSP, FSP TWINS SERIES, Store news

A little while back FSP launched its Twins series. The newly designed 500W and 700W Twins bring to the market a redundant power supply in the ATX / PS/2 form factor, all be it with a slightly greater depth, 190mm deep to be precise, than a standard ATX power supply. Having said that its equally shorter than some.

Measuring 150x86x190mm the Twin series has the capacity to be dropped in to many ATX cases.

Whilst redundant power supplies are nothing new, having been around in the PS/2 form factor for many years with up to 500W capacity. Older units were less efficient, and designed for server rooms where high noise levels are not of concern. With 80plus gold efficiency the FSP Twin series brings new higher levels of efficiency to this form factor. With this improved efficiency less airflow is required to keep the power supply cool meaning noise levels can kept to levels that are comfortable in the home environment.

If you are not familiar with redundant power supplies, the function is simple. In any redundant power supply there will be a minimum of 2 power modules. In the event that 1 power module fails the attached system continues with power from the other(s).  With modules being hot swappable, a failed unit can be removed and replaced with no system down time.

FSP's Twin series features also features USB connection, enabling it to be plugged into the attach motherboard and used with FSP's included Guardian software. This provides information on the power supplies performance and efficiency along with alarms and user settings for alarm states. We are yet to see this software at this stage, and will be interested to find out how far the alarm systems go in terms of notifying users away from their systems. The image below is an early screen shot from of the Guardian's control panel.

For ease of installation, the Twins series features ribbon cables that have become popular in many high end gaming power supplies, enabling tidy cable runs and efficient case cooling.

For further information here is the FSP twins series overview pdf

We hope to make these available as soon as possible. If you do have an interest in the mean time, please feel free to contact us.