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Riser card power cable supporting 3 riser cards

Riser card power cable supporting 3 riser cards


£24.00 IncVAT

  • UK Designed, Developed and Manufactured
  • High Gauge 16AWG UL1007 wire
  • Huge 450W max load
  • Connectors with strain relief for continued operational reliablity
  • Custom connector and loom length service available

Our cabling solutions have been designed and developed in house and in partnership with corporate clients to ensure a robust and reliable cabling that delivers 24/7.

By utilizing the heaviest feasible wire gauge, our cabling can carry a greater load capacity. This means we're able to provide a tidy simplified cabling solution for Mining applications running more connectors from one single cable run. Also the heavy gauge wire means lower thermals due to its greater conductive capacity for like for like loads compared to cabling on 18AWG or higher wire gauges.

The standard cable is 600mm from the 1st 6pin PCI-E that plugs into the power supply connector to 1st 6pin PCI-E riser connector and then approx 380mm to the 2nd riser connector and the same again to the 3rd riser connector.

Lengths quoted are the exact wire lengths cut during manufacture and do not include the pin and connector housing. Further more when considering connector for your application radus bend should be account for between the riser cards. We recommend a maxium distance between riser cards of 200mm